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8(a) SBA Certified Business

As a SBA certified tribally owned 8(a) firm, MTS is afforded important prerogatives under the Federal Acquisitions Regulations and U.S. legal code. These regulations offer value to our customers, as MTS delivers rapid, sole source, and uncontestable solutions for federal contracting needs.

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Working With A Tribally Owned 8a

Advantages of working with a Tribal 8(a) include

  • Rapid Procurement Process
  • No Ceiling Limit - CFR 124.506(b)/FAR 19.805-1(b)
  • Non-Protestable Awards CFR 124.517(a)

Businesses owned by Federally recognized tribes enjoy a unique relationship with the U.S. Government, Wiipica offers its customers opportunities to gain credit for small business utilization.Wiipica welcomes mentor/protégé relationships, joint venture relationships, manages subcontractors as a first tier prime contractor, and fulfills requirements as a subcontractor as well.

Benefits of the sole-source process include

  • Customer/services provider collaboration
  • Expedited timeline
  • No dollar ceiling
  • Flexible
  • Direct negotiations